Streamlabs Chatbot Commands For Mods Full 2023 List

streamlabs chatbot

Welcome to the world’s largest guide collection and resource for Twitch and streaming related guides since 2016. NerdOrDie is one of the oldest and coolest overlay and alert creators in the streaming world. Importer allows you to import settings from other Twitch Chat Bots. Word protection will keep your chat as clean as you want it. It will keep racial, homophobic, etc words out of your chat. Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most.

  • Consider what you want to achieve while establishing or deploying a chatbot for your business.
  • Team Bot can have a custom title, and all team interactions will pass through the Team Bot.
  • It’s meant mostly to summon more interest for the stream and to engage viewers more.
  • The advanced users know where to find the resources to get help and don’t get overwhelmed as easily since they have a community to support them.
  • So you can focus on what you do best, play the game, and entertain your viewers.
  • Depending on your settings, you can use them to activate Regular only instructions and perhaps circumvent certain filters.

A journalist at heart, she loves nothing more than interviewing the outliers of the gaming community who are blazing a trail with entertaining original content. When she’s not penning an article, coffee in hand, she can be found gearing her shieldmaiden or playing with her son at the beach. If the streamer upgrades your status to “Editor” with Streamlabs, there are several other commands they may ask you to perform as a part of your moderator duties.

Connect, Engage, Convert

It allows you to communicate with your audience while playing games or downloading information. You can create custom commands and enable the default ones. Commands is essential for communicating “general information” quickly and effectively. Here is an article on how to setup a Shoutout Command for Streamlabs and Twitch. More so, the settings are customizable to meet your preference. It’s time to enjoy an unmatched seamless streaming experience.

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The Future of Meta.

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There are some reports that this software is potentially malicious or may install other unwanted bundled software. These could be false positives and our users are advised to be careful while installing this software. Usually commercial software or games are produced for sale or to serve a commercial purpose. You may want to check out more software, such as Syn Chatbot Studio, Streamlabs OBS or StreamLabels, which might be similar to You’ve successfully linked your YouTube account to the Streamlabs Chatbots. Fifth, navigate to where you saved the Streamlabs Chatbot.exe file after selecting Add.

Current Streamlabs Chatbot status

The Streamlabs chatbot is then set up so that the desired music is played automatically after you or your moderators have checked the request. Of course, you should make sure not to play any copyrighted music. Otherwise, your channel may quickly be blocked by Twitch. Nightbot is a feature-rich, fully customizable chatbot for YouTube and Twitch that enables Streamers and Gamers to enhance engagement with their followers. It provides a dashboard that gives insights into your chat, allowing you to find people with the most comments, top commands, and more.

streamlabs chatbot

AND it’s compelety FREE 😮 Remember also you can get a full setup of streaming tools with StreamLabs OBS. Store allows you to set up rewards for your viewers to claim with their loyalty points. If you set up a store, you will need to also set up your Loyalty. Again, if you are just starting out streaming, I would advise to not have a store until you learn about yourself as a streamer and your viewers. Loyalty gives you a way to track your most loyal viewers.

Song Request by artist/name

Find out critical stats like top followers, top chatters, loyal viewers by visiting the analytics section. Botisimio supports several platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Discord, Slack, Facebook Gaming, and Trovo. This useful command allows your viewers to see for how long you have been streaming.

  • Another custom command that will shorten the time response.
  • We removed regulars, the ability to stream to multiple platforms, and adding sounds to chat alerts just to name a few.
  • I’ve had it refuse to cooperate many times, just as I’m all ready to start streaming.
  • Although the chatbot works seamlessly with Streamlabs, it is not directly integrated into the main program – therefore two installations are necessary.
  • You have the possibility to include different sound files from your PC and make them available to your viewers.
  • No one would argue against simplifying communication with their audience.

There will be people coming into your chat saying weird things, spamming links, or even stream sniping you just to piss you off. You will also need to figure out how to entertain your audience during queue times, or during loading times. Streaming on Twitch can be a very fun experience, but there will also be moments when streaming might become a little bit frustrating. This is mostly because you will meet all sorts of people, and obviously not all of them will be nice to you.

Learn by Experimentation,Build A Chatbot

Some settings on your browser source section can disable the chat option without further notice. Search no more and analyze each fix on this page so you can find the best option to get rid of issues with the Streamlabs chat feature. In most cases, we might be talking about a simple bug – widgets on your stream bug out all the time. In that case, note that this can happen due to computer issues, download problems, or install inconveniences during the Streamlabs setup.

Here is a quick overview of each type of protection Streamlabs’ Cloudbot provides for your Twitch Chat. Whenever used, it will provide your current audience with a feeling of belonging. This command will ensure that your audience feels special and will motivate newcomers to want to become a part of your community. Users are quite used to getting asked what equipment they use and this command will save them quite a lot of precious time! You can check the

official Cloudbut website to get more information about this matter.


Historical or funny quotes always lighten the mood in chat. If you have already established a few funny running gags in your community, this function is suitable to consolidate them and make them always available. In the chat, this text line is then fired off as soon as a user enters the corresponding command.

Is Cloudbot a Chatbot?

Cloudbot is a chatbot built into the Streamlabs platform that streamers use to automate tasks and engage with their audience.

Similar to the above one, these commands also make use of Ankhbot’s $readapi function, however, these commands are exhibited for other services, not for Twitch. When streaming it is likely that you get viewers from all around the world. A time command can be helpful to let your viewers know what your local time is. Uptime commands are common as a way to show how long the stream has been live. It is useful for viewers that come into a stream mid-way. Uptime commands are also recommended for 24-hour streams and subathons to show the progress.

Current song command

Having a viewer spam all caps can quickly ruin the tone of your chat. You can set the number of caps allowed, who can spam caps, and what the punishment for breaking the rules will be. Mod Tools are the bread and butter to keep your chat under control. I suggest turning them all on and sticking with the default preferences until you need to make a change on how you want your chat to run.

streamlabs chatbot

It’s very likely that this software is clean and safe for use. A Streamlabs Chatbot (SLCB) Script that uses websocket-sharp to receive events from the local socket. When you’re done, hit the connect button, and your Streamlabs should be linked. Click «Approve» to automatically enter the token into the token field. A popup should appear where you navigate to and highlight the .zip you downloaded in step one then all you have to do is press open.

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If you like seeing people’s pets and don’t want to miss any in chat, this is the thing for you! This gives folks a chat command that collects the links and displays them on a simple website, so you can go through them when the time is right. Now that we have the foundation out of the way, it’s time to add some functionality, or logic, to our script. Moderate your content for such video-sharing platforms as Twitch and Mixer.

Twitch solidifies its lead with viewership up 21% in Q1, while YouTube Gaming drops – TechCrunch

Twitch solidifies its lead with viewership up 21% in Q1, while YouTube Gaming drops.

Posted: Thu, 26 Apr 2018 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Is Cloudbot free?

Cloudbot from Streamlabs is a chatbot that adds entertainment and moderation features for your live stream. It automates tasks like announcing new followers and subs and can send messages of appreciation to your viewers. Cloudbot is easy to set up and use, and it's completely free.

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